Monday, February 20, 2012

New Story! In the Wild

I published a new story! "In the Wild" is about David's girl problems that drive him away from the city in order to find solitude in the mountains. Fortunately for him, he runs into a sexy girl with the same idea. They are the only people around for miles, and things get naughty quick when David catches the girl going for a late-night dip in the lake.


He frantically felt her body, running his hands up and down her sides and along her legs. Kat pulled back from his face and took his hand in hers. Looking into his eyes, she placed his hands at her midriff, and then pushed them up and under her jacket. David's lust rose as he felt the girl's warm skin at his fingertips. He reached up until he felt the mounds of her breasts, and he let himself squeeze them under her bra.
Kat sighed and lifted her own jacket above her head. She gripped David's shirt collar again and gave him a hard kiss before looking him in the eye again. "A good rule of thumb: if you want to do it, do it." she said.
David nodded. "So... your bra."
"Do it."
David reached his arms around Kat's back and unclipped her bra. She threw it from her arms, and David kneaded her round, soft breasts in the palms of his hands.

Twenty Stories Under $10!!!!!

I've released my first GIANT book! It's one of the best deals for young erotica you'll find on the Amazon Kindle Market, filled with twenty of my stories for only $8.99.