Friday, April 19, 2013

The Satyr's Harem

Free today only! The Satyr's Harem is an experiment in inverting the normal story line for a longer erotic work. It started with a question that I often ask myself these days, what is it like for a man living in a sex-saturated world, and to be free to explore all of his fantasies? Prince Kadar's story came in answer. Hopefully it's an entertaining example to weigh for my readers! Thank you all for reading.

And after eight months of work, check out this wicked cover I get to put on it!

PS: I love connecting with my readers. Don't forget that I offer personalized stories through my email address, Give me whatever details you want in a story, and I'll spin one just for you, for free!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Personalized Stories

Hello readers!

I'm in the process of finishing a few long-term projects, so to chop things up a bit I've decided to open my email up for submissions. If you have ideas for a character or situations you would like to see put into story, let me know and I will reply with a story attached. It's all free!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Dark Free Chapter

I published a story a few weeks ago that turned out very well. Check out this free sample chapter and see if you'd like to read the rest!

 Dane murders his cellmate and is kept in solitary confinement, and the prison keeps him in total darkness in order to conduct a study on sensory deprivation. He seethes like a caged animal in the endless black of his cell, until a student named Clara comes to question him for the study. The beautiful, naive girl enraptures Dane, as speaking to her provides his only stimulus through his bleak imprisonment. His lust grows insurmountable, and Dane obsesses over how to get the girl into his cell so he can taste, feel, smell, and release into her body. Clara, however, is unsure of what she wants; is the beast-like man in the cell still dangerous? 

Clara hasn't shown up for two days. There's been nothing to write between the last four meals, just a building aching and burning throughout my entire body. It feels good, but it feels like hell. I am a sentient ball of fire. The cement feels like its covered with sandpaper. My skin has grown spongey from the darkness. I'm able to keep myself strong by doing push ups in a slightly bent position, but at the end of workouts I'm nearly tearing at my own skin with the fury my burning muscles leave me in.
The pent up energy is incredible, and I need to release it. I have an erection for most of my waking hours, and my hands keep crawling towards it for release. Every part of me thinks and wills for relief, but the iota of me encased in an impenetrable metal box, the part impervious to bending to any will but my own, has stayed true. Unfortunately, it renders me merciless to my other faculties.
My voice rips out of my throat and throughout the small room. I yell incomprehensible threats, relishing the taste of blood and the searing, dry pain in my throat. My body flails against the door as if it means to bend the metal backwards for just one sliver of light.
When the slide opens and Clara's eyes appear, they have the dream-quality of a vision.
Clara backs up a bit from the door. "Sorry, I've been gone." I can see the remnants of the fear I've instilled in her during her last visit. The half of her face I can see is a hyper-reality. I come close to the door and let myself look at her full body again. She seems less human and more animal. Her dress is more paint than clothing. It extends to mid-calf, but she may as well be naked. I can see the outline of her form down to how she might twist and squirm when laid on her back. She seems to sense her own nakedness. She glances down at herself for a moment, and then comes close to the door. Her smell floats by me again.
"More questions today, Dane?" she says. I register each grain of sound coming from her, and I can pick up the small breaks between them that reveal her nervousness.
"I'll tell you how I feel. I've lived a black eternity in this box. I've been given two windows out of it: bland food and you, Clara. What do you suppose I feel? What sort of thoughts do you think go through me? I want you, and my whole body shakes for it. Everything I'm made of shivers at the thought of the small part of the day when your eyes are at my door."
Clara's eyes turn to the guard, and quickly back to mine. "Do you feel in control?"
"I don't know."
"What would you do to me if the door wasn't in the way?" The way her mouth twitches, the way she flares; I can tell that she's taking a risk.
"I would use you. I don't think I could control my body. It would take you, and I'd watch as it pinned you and released into you. I wouldn't be able to stop it. Maybe I'm not in control."
"You seem afraid. Are you afraid of yourself?"
I shake my head. "No. How else should I react?"
Clara watches me for a long time. We read each others' eyes through the small window. Hers seem to try and dig into mine. She focuses harder and harder, trying to find something in me. I wonder if she finds what she's looking for.
"Would you come in here?" I ask.
Clara laughs. The sound and the small puff of air through the window are as refreshing as a drink. "Even if the guard would let me in, I wouldn't want to come in, Dane."
"Why wouldn't you?"
"You're a killer. You just told me you would 'release into me.'"
"And you wouldn't want that, even if I didn't kill you?"
Clara's eyes search me again. When I look at their blue I feel colder, as if she's looking at me through a porthole. "I wouldn't want to risk it." she says.
"What do you have to risk?"
"Well, my life."
I smile at her. The thought of ending the life of something so beautiful seems absurd, and the frustration it causes boils through me. "Well I don't want to kill you, Clara."
"I don't think you would be able to control yourself with me in there. You said that you wouldn't be able to, anyway." She starts to back away, but I step back into darkness at the same time. She stops moving.
"Clara. I'd just like to be close to you."
"You mean rape me."
"I've never mentioned rape. I don't think I would rape you. For me that would mean weakness."
"You don't have control. You said that yourself."
I smile. "You think that I would succumb. I haven't for years."
"You've been in prison for three years, now. You haven't... released since you've been in here?"
I can see her face soften, almost imperceptively. Perhaps if my senses were dulled I wouldn't see it, the skin under her eyes relaxing, the easier fall of her breath.
"Why should I come inside?" she says.
"Ask yourself, it was your idea."
"Well, it was just hypothetical." Perhaps if she were older she wouldn't be so easy to read. Her soft features tighten with worry. Her light eyebrows furrow, and her mouth opens slightly, as if they might start to quiver, as if she's begging me of something. Her youth makes her candid.
"You want to be near me, though." I say.
Clara's face flashes soft, and then instantly hardens. "You're a killer. I don't want to be near you."
I step back into the cell. Her eyes shift away when I'm far back enough for her to see my nakedness, but she looks again when I'm hidden in the shadow.
"You're so big, how do you sleep on that cot?"
"I sleep on the floor."
She peers into the darkness. "You haven't asked for anything. Let me argue for you, light during part of the day, more food, a trip out for a shower... I can visit the warden."
I step back into the light from the door-slot, and she keeps her eyes on me now. "I haven't wanted anything like that. I don't mind the hose. Everyone gets the same food. I'd rather not have any special treatments."
"But why?"
"I'll want something more. I try not to worry about that sort of thing."
Clara nods. She shuffles her papers. Suddenly her tone is cold and professional. "Okay, Dane. Well, I'll be back tomorrow." she leaves the slot open as she walks away, and I measure the clicking of her heels down the hallway.
In a minute the guard closes the door, and I'm in the dark again.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Great New Work!

Hello Readers!

I put out a brand new story yesterday. I had to take a few more breaks than usual while writing it, so I KNOW it's good. ;) Check it out on Amazon, and enjoy!

     Charlie is a frustrated photographer plagued by the flow of high school seniors coming into his studio for the usual, mundane senior photos. Things change quickly when Rachel, a tight-bodied runner asks Charlie to take some more sensual pictures to capture the beauty of her perfect body. The photographer captures the girl at her most vulnerable, and she gives him a naughty treat for doing such a thorough job.

     After their shoot, Rachel hires Charlie to take pictures at her end of the school year senior-class party. What sort of trouble can the photographer get into in a house full of eighteen-year-old sluts? Read more to find out!

Word count: 10,225

     "You're not like other girls your age." Charlie said. He inched closer up her body. He could feel her naked legs shifting underneath him.
     Rachel shook her head. "No, I'm not. But I have friends."
     "I bet you do."
     Rachel softened her expression at the camera, looking innocent and shocked as if Charlie had caught her off-guard laying naked in the forest. "I can tell you're excited." she said.
     Charlie let out a gruff laugh. "I don't get to do a shoot like this often."
     "But I mean as a boy. A man. As a man you're excited about seeing me like this."
     Charlie checked himself. What were this girl's intentions? Of course he was excited, he was on top of a beautiful, naked girl. Being excited just came with the work. "Yeah, I'm excited. Why wouldn't I be?"
     Rachel rested her hands on Charlie's thighs. "What goes through your head when you shoot a girl like this?" she asked. She moved her hands closer to Charlie's groin, and giggled at the shocked look on his face.
     Charlie didn't give in to her teasing. "It helps to be attracted to the girl. If it's a nude shoot it's supposed to be sexy, and it helps if the camera likes the way you look. You're not as mature as I thought, you know."
     "Sure I am. I just know how to have fun." Now she gripped him full-on. Her hand squeezed the bulge in Charlie's jeans, and he lowered his camera and grunted at the bolt of lust that shot through him. 
     "Are you nervous, being out here in public like this?" she asked. She worked him in her hand.
     Charlie set his camera down and let himself put his hands on her warm stomach. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, their perky heft barely settling into her chest as she lay flat on her back. "It's not ideal," he said, "I'd like to have you behind a locked door, spread out on a bed, and tied down so I would know you weren't going to run away when things started to get painful." He bent down and kissed her, pulling on her plump little lip with a quick bite. "But I won't complain."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Built for Me

I'm finally finished with part one of the "A New Era" series! Introducing Built for Me. Now available on the Kindle Market

     Brian is a robotics genius, and he's been slaving away at his newest creation: a sexy young girl named Era. He meticulously adjusts every detail until she is perfect, calibrated to satisfy anyone to the fullest with her tight young body. Era surpasses every expectation when Brian brings her to life. He hires Danielle, a sexy young student he has lusted after, to help make final adjustments on the robot. Things get messy when Danielle wants to use Era for her own purposes, though, and Brian finds himself at the mercy of the superhuman young girl.

     Era nodded and knelt down again. The tip of her little pink tongue danced around Brian's cock, chasing and wetting it when it twitched away from her. One hand steadied it as she fed it into her mouth again. She suctioned her cheeks inwards as she slid it in and out of her throat so that every millimeter of Brian's cock lit with pleasure. He could feel himself about to cum, and Era pulled her mouth back and gripped his cock hard to force his pleasure back.
     "Lay with me." Brian said. 
     Era nodded, and Brian stretched himself out on the table.
     Era hooked her thumbs beneath her panties and eased them down her round hips. Brian lost his breath at the sight of the girl's bare, tight pussy as she climbed over him and straddled his waist. It was already dripping with anticipation of being penetrated for the first time. She gripped Brian's cock and played it around the lips of her pussy, wetting it with her sticky fluids and prodding just past her opening.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foreign Studies Out Today!

I love release days, and this one is especially exciting!

Cory moves to Japan to teach English, where his sexy, young students seem to be magnetized to the tall foreigner. They quickly let him under their skirts, and a trio of especially frisky eighteen-year-olds seems intent on getting Cory alone and undressed. When they do, they begin to give him bouts of mind-numbing pleasure before and after class. 

Katey, another teacher at the school, acts much more coldly towards Cory. Her attitude makes him crave her. He finally lands a date with the foxy teacher, but she takes a torturous revenge for is infidelity when she finds out what he's been up to with his students. Dirty, eighteen-year old sex so naughty it will hurt!

Word Count: 10,490

     Cory took Aiko and Ami's wide hips into his arms. He let his hands slide around the edge of their bikini-bottoms, feeling the seal-like texture of soap on skin and lycra. His fingers snaked beneath the edge of their suits, and he tested the heft of their bare asses as they squirmed under his touch.
     "Bad, bad man." Aiko repeated. She stood back from Cory and slid her soaped bikini down her legs, uncovering a tuft of trimmed black hair above the pink lips of her pussy. Ami did the same.
Eri's teeth bit down sharply on a fold of Cory's skin from beneath him. He grunted in surprise and turned his attention back to her as she bent his cock down and played its tip against her pouting lips. She raised a hand to her back and untied the string that held her bikini onto her chest. It fell onto the shower floor, exposing her small breasts with their cherry aureolas and pointed nipples.

God I love how dirty writing can be. Check it out today on the Kindle Market!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something New!

I love letting my dirty side out when I read and write Erotica, but it's easy to see how sex stories can get repetitive. Build up, sex scene, climax - sometimes it's nice to shake things up a bit. This week I published a special edition of The Big Book of Young Smut series at a discount price on the Kindle Market in order to satisfy my readers' want for novelty. 4 shorts, 4 novelettes, and 2 choose your own stories for only $5!!!