Monday, July 23, 2012

Great New Work!

Hello Readers!

I put out a brand new story yesterday. I had to take a few more breaks than usual while writing it, so I KNOW it's good. ;) Check it out on Amazon, and enjoy!

     Charlie is a frustrated photographer plagued by the flow of high school seniors coming into his studio for the usual, mundane senior photos. Things change quickly when Rachel, a tight-bodied runner asks Charlie to take some more sensual pictures to capture the beauty of her perfect body. The photographer captures the girl at her most vulnerable, and she gives him a naughty treat for doing such a thorough job.

     After their shoot, Rachel hires Charlie to take pictures at her end of the school year senior-class party. What sort of trouble can the photographer get into in a house full of eighteen-year-old sluts? Read more to find out!

Word count: 10,225

     "You're not like other girls your age." Charlie said. He inched closer up her body. He could feel her naked legs shifting underneath him.
     Rachel shook her head. "No, I'm not. But I have friends."
     "I bet you do."
     Rachel softened her expression at the camera, looking innocent and shocked as if Charlie had caught her off-guard laying naked in the forest. "I can tell you're excited." she said.
     Charlie let out a gruff laugh. "I don't get to do a shoot like this often."
     "But I mean as a boy. A man. As a man you're excited about seeing me like this."
     Charlie checked himself. What were this girl's intentions? Of course he was excited, he was on top of a beautiful, naked girl. Being excited just came with the work. "Yeah, I'm excited. Why wouldn't I be?"
     Rachel rested her hands on Charlie's thighs. "What goes through your head when you shoot a girl like this?" she asked. She moved her hands closer to Charlie's groin, and giggled at the shocked look on his face.
     Charlie didn't give in to her teasing. "It helps to be attracted to the girl. If it's a nude shoot it's supposed to be sexy, and it helps if the camera likes the way you look. You're not as mature as I thought, you know."
     "Sure I am. I just know how to have fun." Now she gripped him full-on. Her hand squeezed the bulge in Charlie's jeans, and he lowered his camera and grunted at the bolt of lust that shot through him. 
     "Are you nervous, being out here in public like this?" she asked. She worked him in her hand.
     Charlie set his camera down and let himself put his hands on her warm stomach. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, their perky heft barely settling into her chest as she lay flat on her back. "It's not ideal," he said, "I'd like to have you behind a locked door, spread out on a bed, and tied down so I would know you weren't going to run away when things started to get painful." He bent down and kissed her, pulling on her plump little lip with a quick bite. "But I won't complain."