Saturday, June 23, 2012

Built for Me

I'm finally finished with part one of the "A New Era" series! Introducing Built for Me. Now available on the Kindle Market

     Brian is a robotics genius, and he's been slaving away at his newest creation: a sexy young girl named Era. He meticulously adjusts every detail until she is perfect, calibrated to satisfy anyone to the fullest with her tight young body. Era surpasses every expectation when Brian brings her to life. He hires Danielle, a sexy young student he has lusted after, to help make final adjustments on the robot. Things get messy when Danielle wants to use Era for her own purposes, though, and Brian finds himself at the mercy of the superhuman young girl.

     Era nodded and knelt down again. The tip of her little pink tongue danced around Brian's cock, chasing and wetting it when it twitched away from her. One hand steadied it as she fed it into her mouth again. She suctioned her cheeks inwards as she slid it in and out of her throat so that every millimeter of Brian's cock lit with pleasure. He could feel himself about to cum, and Era pulled her mouth back and gripped his cock hard to force his pleasure back.
     "Lay with me." Brian said. 
     Era nodded, and Brian stretched himself out on the table.
     Era hooked her thumbs beneath her panties and eased them down her round hips. Brian lost his breath at the sight of the girl's bare, tight pussy as she climbed over him and straddled his waist. It was already dripping with anticipation of being penetrated for the first time. She gripped Brian's cock and played it around the lips of her pussy, wetting it with her sticky fluids and prodding just past her opening.

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