Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foreign Studies Out Today!

I love release days, and this one is especially exciting!

Cory moves to Japan to teach English, where his sexy, young students seem to be magnetized to the tall foreigner. They quickly let him under their skirts, and a trio of especially frisky eighteen-year-olds seems intent on getting Cory alone and undressed. When they do, they begin to give him bouts of mind-numbing pleasure before and after class. 

Katey, another teacher at the school, acts much more coldly towards Cory. Her attitude makes him crave her. He finally lands a date with the foxy teacher, but she takes a torturous revenge for is infidelity when she finds out what he's been up to with his students. Dirty, eighteen-year old sex so naughty it will hurt!

Word Count: 10,490

     Cory took Aiko and Ami's wide hips into his arms. He let his hands slide around the edge of their bikini-bottoms, feeling the seal-like texture of soap on skin and lycra. His fingers snaked beneath the edge of their suits, and he tested the heft of their bare asses as they squirmed under his touch.
     "Bad, bad man." Aiko repeated. She stood back from Cory and slid her soaped bikini down her legs, uncovering a tuft of trimmed black hair above the pink lips of her pussy. Ami did the same.
Eri's teeth bit down sharply on a fold of Cory's skin from beneath him. He grunted in surprise and turned his attention back to her as she bent his cock down and played its tip against her pouting lips. She raised a hand to her back and untied the string that held her bikini onto her chest. It fell onto the shower floor, exposing her small breasts with their cherry aureolas and pointed nipples.

God I love how dirty writing can be. Check it out today on the Kindle Market!

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