Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Friends

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Nick has the house to himself this weekend, so he throws a party in order to seduce Rachel, a sexy, young dancer who has sent Nick naughty pictures of herself in the past. Leanne, Nick's best friend, is helping him throw the party. Leanne starts coming onto Nick after they mix alcohol with Nick's hot tub, and things take a sharp sexual turn. Nick finds himself throwing an after-party with three, young naked girls coming onto him. A hot story with a lot of action!

Word Count: 7,209

     Nick felt the hand at his sex again. He stilled himself in the water as he felt the fingers search around his groin, and then grip onto his erect shaft. It was Leanne. Casey's arms were folded to hide her breasts, and Leanne was the only other person within arm's reach. She began to pump him with a hard grip, but slow enough so the others wouldn't be able to tell she had her hand on Nick. She moved over so that she was nearly sitting in his lap.
     "Come on girls, you're the odd ones out now." Rachel said. 
     Nicole and the brunette looked across the tub at each other. "At the same time?" Nicole said. 
The girl nodded. They both untied their bikinis and held them against their chests. "One... two... three!" Nicole counted down. Both of them let their tops drop, and their breasts stood out just above the surface of the water.
     Leanne's hand moved quicker against Nick. She began to rub her thumb over his head in slow circles, and Nick had trouble keeping himself from grunting with pleasure. It was maddening, sitting in a circle of naked women while Leanne pulsed her hand against him just slowly enough for him to be left unsatisfied. Nick reached down and felt for Leanne's bare sex. He slid his hand along her thigh, but she moved his hand away from hers before he could touch her.

Enjoy yourselves ;)

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