Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Step in Erotica!!!!

I've published my first "choose your own story" erotica! Now It's up to you who you decide to be naughty with, or maybe you'll make the wrong choice and end up alone! Check it out on the Kindle market.

Alex has just been dropped into a world filled with women eager to explore and have some good, dirty fun with him, but who will he choose? A foxy, blonde graduate student catches his attention in class, but he could also chase after the virgin freshman looking to expand her boundaries. If neither of those appeal to him, there is always a fiery one-night stand he could seek out. 

It's up for you to decide. The decisions you make in the early chapters will send you down different storylines, each with their own girls and explosive endings. Enjoy!

Word Count: 12,732


     "I'm in, I'll bet my bra." said Ashley.
     "Fold." Jill said. 
     "Don't be boring, Jill." Ashley said. "You have to strip out of your jeans if you fold now anyway."
     "Fine." said Jill. She unzipped the front of her jeans and worked them down to her hips. They were so tight that her panties rolled down with them, and a light tuft of hair was uncovered between her legs before she pulled her panties back up and pushed her jeans all the way down to her ankles.
     "Happy?" she said.
     "Yes." said Alex. He felt his lust growing intensely hard at the sight of Jill's tanned, nearly naked body. She was breathing nervously, and it made her breasts swell against her chest. Her legs were long and lean, but they curved out at her thighs and hips in a way that made Alex grow instantly hard at the sight of her. He could barely take his eyes from the gentle curve at the front of her white panties that gave away the shape of her sex.
     "Alright then, my jeans and boxers for your dress and bra." Alex said. He laid his cards down.
     Ashley looked down at Alex's cards and smiled. She had beaten Alex's bluff, and she stood to help Alex up from the floor. "Take your time, now." she said.
     Alex laughed to himself. "Fair is fair." he said. He unzipped his jeans, and the girls gasped as his arousal became obvious to them. Jill looked away as Alex lowered his boxers to the floor, exposing his stiff cock to the girls. Ashley stepped closer to Alex and eyed him hungrily, but Alex barely noticed. He was watching Jill, and a thrill ran through him as her eyes betrayed her and she snuck a glance at Alex's nakedness.

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